Legacy Does Matter

Organizations can take steps to improve the  legacy left by their clients and residents

If a patients legacy is important to your Home Health Care organization or Senior Community, an integration with the Mylestones application will help you create, store, and share the lives of your clients and residents 

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How We Help

Providing a guide for your clients and patients  legacy life projects

An intuitive application make creating, storing, and sharing your legacy life project fun and easy

Creating a legacy can improve anxiety, depression, and guilt for your members and patients

Working With Us

Mylestones creates your custom login page allowing the organization to convey the specific value that a legacy project offers your clients and patients

Organizational members and health aids are given a QR code lanyard making on-boarding members and patients a snap

Organizational training is offered on the Mylestones application allowing professionals working with clients patients to create a greater number of legacy life  projects in less time.

A Foundation in Caring

We work with leaders in the legacy creation space to bring you the latest technology to help create, store, and share your life

Our Partners